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Payment has never been so easy

Whether it’s sending money to friends, saving for a new phone or simply paying online. With the GetMoBie Finance app, you have all the features you need.

Pay easily and comfortably online

Connect your account with GetMoBie or use our integrated prepaid Mastercard. This way you can pay digitally and securely with our finance app.

There just needs to be enough money in your wallet, because you can’t go into debt with us.

Übersicht in der GetMoBie Finanz App
Geld senden mit der GetMoBie Finanz App

Send money to friends in real time

You paid for a friend on the last night? 

Get the money sent directly without having to wait for it.

Rule everything in one app

Ansicht der Spardosen in der GetMoBie Finanz App

Link all your accounts

You don't have to give up any of the advantages of traditional banks. Simply link your existing bank accounts and use all functions as usual.

Direct knowledge transfer

Through the educational platform you will learn everything you need to know about finance. Apply this knowledge directly and live a self-determined life!

Not 18 years yet? No problem!

You can use the GetMoBie Finance app even if you are under 18. For this, your parents need to open up an account, add you and make basic settings.

Pocket money

Always get your pocket money on time, but don't forget to save!

Fulfill dreams

Create piggy banks for your goals. Your parents can contribute.

Pay independently

You no longer have to ask anyone to pay for you. Just do it yourself!

Joint limits

Decide with your parents how much you are allowed to spend daily or monthly.

Limit your expenses

Spending too much? Define a pause for all or only specific expenses.

Transaction overview

Your parents keep track of your expenses and can take over payments.

Design der GetMoBie Finanz App

Education and finance app from a single source

Theory and practice! With the GetMoBie app you can put your newly learned knowledge directly into practice.

This way you can directly apply your learned knowledge and easily pay online, send money to friends, save money and much more.

Let´s Get Started!

Our payment app is still under development. But you can already try out the learning platform and learn everything about finance!

Payment FAQ

We are working at full speed to make the payment functions available in our finance app to you and unleash the full GetMoBie potential.

At the moment, we are planning a release between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The minimum age for using GetMoBie is 7 years.

However, it is necessary for all our underage users to obtain consent from their legal guardians.

The basic rule here is: “You set the rules, we take care of the rest”.

Absolutely not! A traditional account is a good start, but it offers you only limited functions.

We believe that traditional banks are a good place to start. That’s why you can easily link your existing account with GetMoBie. 

We will upgrade your account with a lot of additional features, like our education platform, virtual piggy banks and much more.

With the GetMoBie Finance App it is possible to pay online and offline.

You will receive a virtual MasterCard from us, which you can use according to your wishes. An overdraft of your account is not possible.

One of your friends birthday party will take place soon and you need to collect money for a present together with your friends? No problem with GetMoBie.

You simply create a Money Box and add the corresponding friends. As soon as the selected amount is reached, you can buy the product.

Have you changed your mind? No problem! You can easily cancel the collection and everyone will get their deposited amount back.