Inspiring young people together

The desire for financial education in Europe is high and more and more FinTechs are creating tailored solutions as challengers for banks. Time to make a change.

Youth market as a
challenge for banks

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s customers, and it is important to retain them in the long term by offering them added value.

In times of digitalization, customer behavior is subject to constant change. Only those who remain innovative, flexible and think ahead will be able to face the increasing competitive pressure on the markets.

How does GetMoBie work?

Education platform

The educational platform we developed offers knowledge about finance in short video format paired with motivating gamification and thus real added value for young customers.

Payment transactions

Our user interface for payment transactions is optimized to meet the needs of the young target group and their parents, and encourages a conscious approach to money.

Your bank at the center

We expand your product range, enable you to appeal more strongly to the young target group and make sure that everything runs according to your wishes. We act in the background while you can concentrate on maintaining and strengthening your customer relationships.

Individual co-branding

Your logo and the individual color scheme of your bank are firmly integrated into our application. In this way, GetMoBie also strengthens brand perception among customers through the app solution. Through co-branding with GetMoBie, the house bank appears fresh, innovative and at the same time familiar to young people.

GetMoBie Co-Branding

Which opportunities does GetMoBie offer?

As a bank, you are at the center and benefit from opportunities in terms of an external and internal creation of awareness.

Opportunities in external relations

Benefit from a proposition paying off in terms of in-house branding and differentiate from FinTechs entering the market. Stronger positioning towards financial education.

Opportunities with internal impact

Offer for young customers with an optimized user experience in the design of the house bank and appealing formats. People that are financially more educated show more interest in banking products.

More information or a personal conversation?

Our payment app is currently still under development. However, the education platform can already be tried out and put under the microscope.

Moritz Beier