"Moritz, can you order me this pair of shoes?"

Moritz Beier

Moritz has heard this or similar phrases frequently from his little sister since his 18th birthday. Online orders for under-18s are limited due to a lack of secure and easy payment methods.

Financial education was also not on the timetable for Moritz and his sister. Since there was no solution to these problems, he took the problem into his own hands and founded GetMoBie. 

Since then, the GetMoBie team has been pursuing the vision of providing young people financial education and secure payment in one app. GetMoBie supports you on the way to your financial goals and desires.

What we stand for

GetMoBie is your partner on the way to a self-determined financial future

The customer first

We offer you the service you want and currently need.


We always keep you up to date and involve you in the brainstorming.


For us, the protection of your data has top priority.


As a partner, we guarantee to always independently support you as a customer.


We offer you a diverse and multifaceted range of services.

Our team

Moritz Beier
Moritz Beier


Benjamin Schliebener

Financial Education

Pedro Versteegen




Christoph Hofbeck

HR & Operations

Tobias Westphal


Valentina Dapunt

Financial Education

Camilla Sohn

Financial Education

Hardik Shah


Partner & Supporter

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