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Don’t know anything about finances? Learn everything you need to know about money in short videos. Take your finances to a new level.

GetMoBie ist Finanzwissen für die Hosentasche.
Die Lektionen der GetMoBie-App decken alles ab was du Wissen musst. GetMoBie definiert Finanzielle Bildung neu gedacht Lernen mit langen Texten und staubigen Büchern? Nicht mit GetMoBie.

Financial education rethought

Learning with long texts and dusty books? Not with us.

The wait is finally over!​

As of now, our education platform is finally available as a BETA version for every smartphone.

Be there, test yourself diligently through the available lessons and let us know what you think.

How does GetMoBie work?

The GetMoBie principle

You learn almost nothing about finances in school! With GetMoBie you become a professional for savings tricks, investments, taxes & Co. The content of the educational platform is optimized for teenagers and young adults of different age groups. Challenges, rewards and rankings with your friends make financial topics fun and easy.​

Design der GetMoBie Finanz App


In addition to the education platform, we will soon also offer you a payment wallet. Practice makes perfect! So get out of the gray theory and into the practice!​


Learn everything about the topics that match your interests in short videos. Our range of topics is constantly updated by our financial experts and adapts towards your needs.​


Theory and practice! With the GetMoBie app, you can put what you've learned directly into practice. This way you can apply and maintain positive behaviors instead of having to painstakingly discard them later.​

Who is GetMoBie for?​


We show you how to use your pocket money wisely. You will learn the basics of economics, savings and finance for a financially successful future.

Young adults​

Our app helps you get started on the path to financial independence. Insurance? Wealth accumulation? Taxes? We support you to keep the overview!


GetMoBie gives your child the opportunity to take their first steps in the world of finance. You set the rules and we do the rest!

Convince yourself!​

Holger Häde, Mitgründer und Initiator ZUKUNFTS-Campus und GetMoBie Unterstützer
Holger Häde
Co-founder and initiator ZUKUNFTS-Campus​

With GetMoBie, young people have the opportunity to learn how to handle money at an early stage, in line with their needs and in line with contemporary requirements.

Plans for the future? Modern payment

In addition to the education platform, we will soon also offer you a payment wallet. This will allow you to directly apply your learned knowledge and easily pay online, send money to friends, save money and much more.

Partner & Supporter​

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